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         FLEX-O-LITE Product Line

FLEX-O-LITE™ lights the path ahead into the next evolution of display technology -
The FLEX-O-LITE™ Sheet.

The FLEX-O-LITE™ Sheet is super slim and super thin. With thickness less than 1mm, it is the thinnest lamp in the world. Easy to install and very lightweight, just like a poster, it is easy to place on windows and walls. It is your best choice for any display.

Material of Architects
FLEX-O-LITE's cutting-edge technology makes it possible to apply lighting like never before: grab the attention your product deserves by applying FLEX-O-LITE™ Sheet to your POP displays, store front, floors, and walls. You may even wrap the FLEX-O-LITE™ Sheet around columns and pillars and customized surfaces.

P.O.P. Signage
The technology of FLEX-O-LITE can be segmented and separately displayed in increments which can create much more attention. Throught th euse of light and motion, the pictures and text may be configured to ensure optimal results.

1000 Lux
300 CD/M2
Brightest & Whitest Electro Luminescence

All New Compact Inverter
The all new slim design has 2 modes for solid or strobe lighting effects.

FLEX-O-LITE™ Sheet Size Chart  
Outline Dimension
Inches x Inches
Inches x Inches
8.3 x 12
7.5 x 11.1
12 x 16.6
11.1 x 15.7
16.6 x 23.5
15.7 x 22.5
23.5 x 33.1
22.5 x 32.2
27.9 x 39.4
27.0 x 38.5
33.1 x 46.9
32.0 x 46.0

The FLEX-O-LITE™ Sheet is a priceless marketing tool.

 FLEX-O-LITE™ Sheet Structure


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