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FLEX-O-LITE™ Frequently Asked Questions


         FLEX-O-LITE Product Line

A. General

Question 1: What does FLEX-O-LITE stand for?

Answer: FLEX-O-LITE is the initial for “Electro-Luminescent” (EL)


Question 2 : How many types of EL does FLEX-O-LITE have?

Answer: Basically there are 3 types of EL panel based on the category of application & cost.

•  Whole sheet in lighting, which mainly is for backlight purpose, for example for poster, drafting table, x-ray viewer etc.

•  Partial area lighting, only some specified characters or logo in lighting, which is specially for highlight and power saving purposes.

•  Animation type EL, the EL content divided into several lighting areas or blocks and connected to the Inverter with sequence-controller. It works and looks like the conventional Neon Sign but very slim & convenient installation.


Question 3: Are there other advantages of the FLEX-O-LITE sheets, besides being thin and lightweight compared to a normal lamp-box?

Answer: Yes, besides being thin and lightweight, it is flexible and provides light with bright, soft, wide viewing angle, lower power consumption, lower radiation and almost no heat. The FLEX-O-LITE technology has many advantages and also can work similar to a conventional neon light functions, but instead of producing “line” light, it generates a smooth “plain” light.


Question 4: What are the advantages & features of your High-Brightness FLEX-O-LITE?


•  Super Bright – we could produce brightness around 1,000 Luxs/sqm depending on the customer request. Our stock is around 1,000 Luxs/sqm.

1,000 Luxs is 300 cd/m2.

•  Extra Large Size – Currently we could make a size as big as 120 x 90 cm

•  Super Slim, Super Thin – Thickness less than 1mm, it is the thinnest lamp in the world.

•  No Radiation – FLEX-O-LITE uses an Electro-Chemical (Phosphors) to generate the light, not an electronic beam like the CRT or Florescent Bulb.

•  Very Low or Almost No Heat – This can be very useful for special applications.

•  Easy Installations – Very lightweight, just like a poster, easy to put on the windows or walls. It is the best choice for a window display.

•  Even, soft, and smooth lighting, the light is generated by the entire surface, not like a conventional lamp from a dot or a line.

•  Less Bug and Pests – The wavelength of the FLEX-O-LITE Lamp is hard to see to by bugs, this can be useful during special night applications.

•  Low Power Consumption – If you use animation type FLEX-O-LITE, its function is similar with conventional neon light, but working Voltage is much lower and less power is consumed.

•  Best Visibility – According to the experiments, FLEX-O-LITE light has the highest visibility light in a foggy area, it makes a great warning sign used in traffic or on vehicles.


Question 5: How is the current rating?

Answer: Around 0.1 – 0.45 mA/cm2 (The brightness effects the current consumption)


Question 6: How about the power consumption?

Answer: Around 0.01 – 0.1 W/cm2 (The brightness affects the power rating)


Question 7: How bright (The brightness) do you make the FLEX-O-LITE sheet?

Answer: T he brightness of FLEX-O-LITE sheet is 1,000 Luxs/sqm ( 300 cd/m2 ).



B. FLEX-O-LITE EL Structure


C. Design & Application of FLEX-O-LITE EL Sheets


Question 1: Where can the FLEX-O-LITE be used? What is its application?

Answer: It may be used as a billboard, poster, the backlight of any electric products, warning sign, floor, stairs, toys, architectural decoration, etc… Owners of a FLEX-O-LITE sheet can design or create endless applications, especially when used for indoor or any place with limited space and eye-catching items.


Question 2: Can the FLEX-O-LITE sheets be used indoors or outdoors?

Answer: Normally, it is recommended for indoor applications. In outdoors UV protection and weather protection are necessary.


Question 3: Can any paper film be placed over the FLEX-O-LITE sheet as an advertisement?

Answer: It is recommended to use ORIENTAL GRAPHICA “Day & Night” Films.


Question 4: What kinds of shapes are available from FLEX-O-LITE?

Answer: Any shape is possible. But additional tooling charges will be applied to custom shapes.


Question 5: Can we write on the FLEX-O-LITE Sheet?

Answer: Not with a normal pen, only erasable pens for use on whiteboards are acceptable.


Question 6: Can you design the FLEX-O-LITE sheet as a circle within a circle? Or animate like a neon light?

Answer: Yes, we can design a programmable inverter with a sequence controller. The effects are better than a conventional neon sign.


Question 7: How many colors are available for the FLEX-O-LITE Sheet? Does color effect brightness?

Answer: The natural colors of FLEX-O-LITE sheet are only white under power ON and pink under power OFF. Any color may be displayed over the FLEX-O-LITE sheet, generating a colorful display.


Question 8: How do you hang the FLEX-O-LITE sheet on a wall or window?

Answer: For a smaller size, you can tape or use suction cups. Simply tape the FLEX-O-LITE sheet directly onto your wall or window. For larger sizes, fix the sheet within a frame and hang.


Question 9: How thin is the FLEX-O-LITE sheet?

Answer: It is about 0.7mm.


Question 10: What is the largest size that may be made at present?

Answer: At present, we can make our A1 size. By assembling 50cm x 50cm FLEX-O-LITE units we can make any large size panel you wish.


Question 11: How small can the FLEX-O-LITE sheet be made?

Answer: We can make the FLEX-O-LITE sheet as small as a badge or small watch dial.



D. Power & Driver


Question 1: Is the power for FLEX-O-LITE is AC or DC?

Answer: The FLEX-O-LITE Sheet is working under special voltage & frequency. Therefore, any input voltage (AC or DC) has to be converted to the proper voltage & frequency with a special device called an inverter.


Question 2: Can the FLEX-O-LITE be used in a car?

Answer: Yes, you can use the cigarette plug or directly connect to the car battery with the custom inverter. Smaller sized FLEX-O-LITE can be operated with dry cell batteries, rechargeable batteries, button-cell or mercury batteries.


Question 3: What is the battery life for FLEX-O-LITE sheets?

Answer: If you use the AA alkaline batteries or Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries (about 1300 – 2000 mAH) to drive the smaller FLEX-O-LITE sheet (50 – 100 cm2), the battery life is around 15 – 20 hours.


Question 4: Do you have different input voltage for the inverter? AC110V or DC12/24V?

Answer: Yes, according to the customer's requirements. We offer different types of Inverters for different input voltage for various FLEX-O-LITE sheets.


Question 5: Can the FLEX-O-LITE sheet wire be positioned anywhere?

Answer: Yes, basically any position for smaller sizes is possible. But for larger sizes such as A3, the wiring must be located at the corner of the sheet.


Question 6: Can you design the FLEX-O-LITE & Inverter for many sequence controllers? How much is a single sequence controller, two sequence controllers and so forth?

Answer: Yes, the inverter sequence controllers for Animation type FLEX-O-LITE can be design upon request.